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Search Engine Optimizations for your Website to generate more traffic and profit.​

Graphic Designing

Website Layouts, Banners, Posters, Logo, Business Cards and Infographics.

WordPress Website

Modern, Simple, Minimalist, Ecommerce ready and Mobile Responsive Websites..​

Facebook Advertising

Paid Advertising of your Product, Shop, Page or Group on Facebook to generate Buyers.

Web Designing

Website Layouts, Website Designs, Blogs, Sports, Food and Official Niches.

Contant Writing

SEO optimized content creation for Websites, Blogs. Description, Products, etc.


Pak Geek Provides the Best Freelancing Services for cheap Pricing and Fast Delivery.

Our Team is Comprised of Professional Web Developers, Web Designers, SEO Technicians and Creative Writers.

Pak Geek Team is Reliable, Professional and equipped with years of Experience in their respective fields. Pak Geek Team provides the Best Results for your Projects.

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SEO 86%
WordPress Website 96%
Web Designing 92%
Graphic Designing 80%
Facebook Advertising 78%
Content Writing 85%


Search Engine Optimization

Price: 60$ -120$

WordPress Website

Price: 80$ -150$

Web Layout Designing

Price: 60$ -120$

Graphic Designing

Price: 60$ -100$

Facebook Advertising

Price: 80$ -150$

Content Writing

Price: 30$ -150$